There is a great need for educating the consumer about the costs, uses of and benefits of Green technology that is sometimes labeled as a Green Home.

In my series: MYTH BUSTING-GREEN HOMES-PART 1, I shared the most common myth: Green Homes are Too Expensive.

In this post, I will look at the 2nd Myth: "Green Is All About Product Choice".

The truth is, it isn't about gizmos and gadgets.

A green home is about how the house is constructed (or retrofitted) to be more Energy Efficient. It is about promoting a healthy indoor environment.

An easy DIY project like putting new door seals and caulking windows so the home is properly sealed and insulated, will contribute to the efficiency of the home and can save money.

When a home is properly sealed and insulated it will reduce the amount of pollutants that enter the home and contribute to asthma and other respiratory problems.

Making sure the H/VAC system is the correct size for the home is very important. Some systems sales people like to sell the biggest unit they can get you to buy. But a proper installation will include a careful calculation to determine the best size. Too large a unit cost more to purchase. It also cools the home quicker so it does not run as long. This could mean that by not running long enough there was not time for the unit to remove moisture, which could lead to mold and mildew and health problems.

When building new construction, it is important to have the best orientation for the house. Site orientation allows the home to receive more light (windows in the right places and even using skylights) and thus reducing the reliance on electricity.

Greening a home can also mean choosing materials that take less energy to produce.

Growing in popularity are Bamboo floors. There is also recycled glass floors.

For health concerns, selection of flooring can reduce "off gassing" which makes some people sick.

No, it not just about buying products that are labeled Green.

It is a combination of things that make a home more Energy Efficient. 

People love to save money and these tips could be part of the formula.

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