For the past several years, Foreclosures have been the big story in Florida and National Real Estate news.

As the market has been in the process of rebounding from the Market Crash we have seen changes in foreclosures.


In Florida, from April 2015 to April 2016, there were 41,435 fewer foreclosures. The inventory of foreclosed property is down 2.9% over the year. However, this is double the national average of 1.1%

In Lee county Florida as of 6/16/16 there are 129  Single Family properties listed on the MLS that are foreclosure properties.


It is often a misconception by Consumers that distressed properties are all in the low end price point.


Let's take a look at the Price Points of Foreclosed Properties in Lee County:

The range goes from $49,900 to $5,199,900.


By Price Point

$49,900 to $159,900 there are 33

$160,000 to $259,900 there are 38

$264,000 to $365,000 there are 25

$379,900 to $528,500 there are 19

$603,900 to $749,900 there are 6

$859,900 to $999,900 there are 4

$1,5888,000 to $5,199,900 there are 3



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There are still some great opportunities in Lee County.